Method createImportSpec(String ovfDescriptor, VcResourcePool resourcePool, VcDatastore datastore, VcOvfCreateImportSpecParams cisp)

Validate the OVF descriptor against the hardware supported by the host system. If the validation succeeds, return a result containing:
  • An VcImportSpec to use when importing the entity.
  • A list of items to upload (for example disk backing files, ISO images etc.)




Name Type Description
ovfDescriptor String The OVF descriptor of the entity.
resourcePool VcResourcePool The resource pool to import the entity to. May be a vApp.
datastore VcDatastore The datastore on which to create the inventory objects of the entity, for example "storage1". The privilege Datastore.AllocateSpace is required on the datastore.
cisp VcOvfCreateImportSpecParams Additional parameters to the method, bundled in an instance of CreateImportSpecParams.