Plugins > vCenter Server 6.0.2 > VcHostDatastoreSystem > queryVmfsDatastoreExtendOptions

Method queryVmfsDatastoreExtendOptions(VcDatastore datastore, String devicePath, boolean suppressExpandCandidates)

Queries for options for increasing the capacity of an existing VMFS datastore by adding new extents using space from the specified disk.
See VcHostScsiDisk




Name Type Description
datastore VcDatastore The datastore to be extended.<br>See <a target="_blank" href="">VcHostScsiDisk</a><br>
devicePath String The devicePath of the disk on which datastore extension options are generated.<br>See <a target="_blank" href="">VcHostScsiDisk</a><br>
suppressExpandCandidates boolean Indicates whether to exclude options that can be used for extent expansion also. Free space can be used for adding an extent or expanding an existing extent. If this parameter is set to true, the list of options returned will not include free space that can be used for expansion.<br>See <a target="_blank" href="">VcHostScsiDisk</a><br>