Plugins > vCenter Server 6.0.2 > VcDatastore > updateVirtualMachineFiles_Task

Method updateVirtualMachineFiles_Task(VcDatastoreMountPathDatastorePair[] mountPathDatastoreMapping)

Update file paths embedded in virtual machine files on the datastore. This can be called after the file system corresponding to the datastore has been resignatured or remounted. Any MountPathDatastorePairs where the new path is the same as the original file path will be ignored.

This method is only supported by vCenter server. Also, this method requires that the datastore is VcHostMountInfo from at least one host (ESX version 4.1 or above) in vCenter server.

While this operation is in progress, it is important that users do not initiate any operations that might read or write to any files on the datastore, such as registering a virtual machine with files residing on the datastore, or performing any virtual disk operations on any files in the datastore. These operations can potentially cause spurious file update failures, while at the same time they can prevent virtual machine files from being updated correctly.

If users intend to update multiple datastores using this method, it is strongly advised that the users do not initiate any operations that might read or write to files on any of the datastores, until all of them have been updated. The files of a single virtual machine can reside on multiple datastores, and thus all the involved datastores should be updated, before the virtual machine is considered updated completely.




Name Type Description
mountPathDatastoreMapping VcDatastoreMountPathDatastorePair[] Old mount path to datastore mapping.