Plugins > vCenter Server 6.0.2 > VcDatastore > datastoreEnterMaintenanceMode

Method datastoreEnterMaintenanceMode()

Puts the datastore in maintenance mode. While this task is running and when the datastore is in maintenance mode, no virtual machines can be powered on and no provisioning operations can be performed on the datastore. Once the call completes, it is safe to remove datastore without disrupting any virtual machines.

The task completes once there are no virtual machines on the datastore and no provisioning operations in progress on the datastore. The operation does not directly initiate any operations to evacuate or power-down powered-on virtual machines. However, if the datastore is part of a storage pod with VMware Storage DRS enabled, Storage DRS provides migration recommendations to evacuate the virtual machines. If Storage DRS is in fully-automatic mode, these are automatically scheduled. The task is cancellable. This method returns a VcStoragePlacementResult object, which includes a VcTask object with which to monitor the operation, and a list of recommendations and faults generated by Storage DRS when it tries to evacuate the virtual machines on the datastore. The recommendations and faults fields are set only if the datastore is a part of a storage pod with Storage DRS enabled.