Class vCACVcacHost

Extends java.lang.Object
vCAC Host


Name Type Description
acceptAllCertificates boolean Whether this vCAC' host accepts all certificates
authenticationType String Authentication type
displayName String Display name of this vCAC Host, an extended version of the name property
id String Unique identifier of this vCAC' host
name String User-friendly name of this host
proxyHost String Proxy host
proxyPort Number Proxy port
proxyUrl String Proxy configuration
url String Host address
username String User name for this vCAC' host


Name Returns
extractMessage(Trigger trigger) String
extractMessage(ch.dunes.vso.sdk.api.PluginTrigger ) String
findAllChildManagementEndpoints() vCACManagementEndpoint[]
findAllChildProvisioningGroups() vCACProvisioningGroup[]
getAuthProperty(Number index) String
receiveAsync(VCACEntity[] virtualMachines, String[] successStates, String[] failStates, Number timeoutSeconds) Trigger
remove() void
update(Object props) vCACVcacHost
validate() void

Returned by

Method Returns
vCACVcacHost.update(Object props) vCACVcacHost
vCACVcacHostManager.addVcacHost(Object props) vCACVcacHost
vCACVcacHostManager.updateVcacHost(vCACVcacHost host, Object props) vCACVcacHost

Referenced in

Method Returns
VCACEntity.getLink(vCACVcacHost host, String linkName) VCACEntity[]
VCACEntity.getLinks(vCACVcacHost host) Properties
vCACEntityManager.createEntityBatchSession(vCACVcacHost vcacHost, String modelName, Properties headers) vCACEntityBatchSession
vCACVcacHostManager.removeVcacHost(vCACVcacHost host) void
vCACVcacHostManager.updateVcacHost(vCACVcacHost host, Object props) vCACVcacHost