Class VCOServerConfiguration

Extends java.lang.Object
A configuration data object class for the Orchestrator server objects.


Name Type Description
connectionTimeout Number The connection timeout (in seconds).
host String The host of the remote Orchestrator server.
isShared boolean
password String The password.
port Number The port of the remote Orchestrator server.
retryTimeout Number The retry timeout (in minutes).
shared boolean Whether the connection to the remote Orchestrator uses shared account or session per user.
socketTimeout Number The socket timeout (in seconds).
user String The username.



Returned by

Method Returns
com.vmware.o11n.plugin.vcoconn.model.ServerConnection.getConfiguration() VCOServerConfiguration

Referenced in

Method Returns
com.vmware.o11n.plugin.vcoconn.model.ServerConnection.configure(VCOServerConfiguration , ch.dunes.vso.sdk.api.IUserToken ) void
VCOServerManager.addOrchestrator(VCOServerConfiguration config) VCORemoteServer
VCOServerManager.updateOrchestrator(VCORemoteServer src, VCOServerConfiguration config) VCORemoteServer