Class VcHostConfigManager

Extends com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.AbstractWrapper
This data object type describes the configuration of a host across products and versions.


Name Type Description
accountManager VcHostLocalAccountManager A manager for host local user accounts. @since vSphere API 6.0
advancedOption VcOptionManager Advanced options. @since VI API 2.5
authenticationManager VcHostAuthenticationManager Authentication method configuration - for example, for Active Directory membership. @since vSphere API 4.1
autoStartManager VcHostAutoStartManager Auto-start and auto-stop configuration. @since VI API 2.5
bootDeviceSystem VcHostBootDeviceSystem Boot device order management. @since VI API 2.5
cacheConfigurationManager VcHostCacheConfigurationManager Host solid state drive cache configuration manager. @since vSphere API 5.0
certificateManager VcHostCertificateManager Host CertificateManager. @since vSphere API 6.0
cpuScheduler VcHostCpuSchedulerSystem The CPU scheduler that determines which threads execute on a CPU at any given time. @since VI API 2.5
cryptoManager VcCryptoManager Host CryptoManager. @since vSphere API 6.5
datastoreSystem VcHostDatastoreSystem The datastore manager. @since VI API 2.5
dateTimeSystem VcHostDateTimeSystem DateTime configuration @since VI API 2.5
diagnosticSystem VcHostDiagnosticSystem The diagnostic for the ESX Server system. @since VI API 2.5
dynamicProperty VcDynamicProperty[] @since Unknown
dynamicType String @since Unknown
esxAgentHostManager VcHostEsxAgentHostManager Esx Agent resource configuration manager @since vSphere API 5.0
firewallSystem VcHostFirewallSystem The firewall configuration. @since VI API 2.5
firmwareSystem VcHostFirmwareSystem Firmware management. @since VI API 2.5
graphicsManager VcHostGraphicsManager Host graphics manager. @since vSphere API 5.5
healthStatusSystem VcHostHealthStatusSystem System health status manager. @since VI API 2.5
hostAccessManager VcHostAccessManager Host access manager @since vSphere API 6.0
hostUpdateProxyManager VcHostHostUpdateProxyManager Host Update Proxy Manager @since vim legacy version
imageConfigManager VcHostImageConfigManager Host image configuration management. @since vSphere API 5.0
iscsiManager VcIscsiManager Iscsi Management Operations managed entity @since vSphere API 5.0
kernelModuleSystem VcHostKernelModuleSystem Kernel module configuration management. @since vSphere API 4.0
licenseManager VcLicenseManager License manager @since vSphere API 4.0
memoryManager VcHostMemorySystem The memory manager on the host. @since VI API 2.5
messageBusProxy VcMessageBusProxy Common Message Bus proxy service. This API shall always be present in vSphere API 6.0 or later. @since vSphere API 6.0
networkSystem VcHostNetworkSystem The network system configuration. @since VI API 2.5
patchManager VcHostPatchManager Host patch management. @since VI API 2.5
pciPassthruSystem VcHostPciPassthruSystem PciDeviceSystem for passthru. @since vSphere API 4.0
powerSystem VcHostPowerSystem Power System manager. @since vSphere API 4.1
serviceSystem VcHostServiceSystem The configuration of the host services (for example, SSH, FTP, and Telnet). @since VI API 2.5
snmpSystem VcHostSnmpSystem Snmp configuration @since VI API 2.5
storageSystem VcHostStorageSystem The storage configuration. @since VI API 2.5
userDirectory VcUserDirectory A user directory managed object. @since vSphere API 6.0
vFlashManager VcHostVFlashManager vFlash Manager @since vSphere API 5.5
virtualNicManager VcHostVirtualNicManager The VirtualNic configuration. @since vSphere API 4.0
vmotionSystem VcHostVMotionSystem The VMotion configuration. @since VI API 2.5
vsanInternalSystem VcHostVsanInternalSystem VsanInternalSystem managed entity. @since vSphere API 5.5
vsanSystem VcHostVsanSystem VsanSystem managed entity. @since vSphere API 5.5


Name Returns
VcHostConfigManager() constructor
VcHostConfigManager(VcHostCpuSchedulerSystem cpuScheduler, VcHostDatastoreSystem datastoreSystem, VcHostMemorySystem memoryManager, VcHostStorageSystem storageSystem, VcHostNetworkSystem networkSystem, VcHostVMotionSystem vmotionSystem, VcHostVirtualNicManager virtualNicManager, VcHostServiceSystem serviceSystem, VcHostFirewallSystem firewallSystem, VcOptionManager advancedOption, VcHostDiagnosticSystem diagnosticSystem, VcHostAutoStartManager autoStartManager, VcHostSnmpSystem snmpSystem, VcHostDateTimeSystem dateTimeSystem, VcHostPatchManager patchManager, VcHostHostUpdateProxyManager hostUpdateProxyManager, VcHostImageConfigManager imageConfigManager, VcHostBootDeviceSystem bootDeviceSystem, VcHostFirmwareSystem firmwareSystem, VcHostHealthStatusSystem healthStatusSystem, VcHostPciPassthruSystem pciPassthruSystem, VcLicenseManager licenseManager, VcHostKernelModuleSystem kernelModuleSystem, VcHostAuthenticationManager authenticationManager, VcHostPowerSystem powerSystem, VcHostCacheConfigurationManager cacheConfigurationManager, VcHostEsxAgentHostManager esxAgentHostManager, VcIscsiManager iscsiManager, VcHostVFlashManager vFlashManager, VcHostVsanSystem vsanSystem, VcMessageBusProxy messageBusProxy, VcUserDirectory userDirectory, VcHostLocalAccountManager accountManager, VcHostAccessManager hostAccessManager, VcHostGraphicsManager graphicsManager, VcHostVsanInternalSystem vsanInternalSystem, VcHostCertificateManager certificateManager, VcCryptoManager cryptoManager) constructor
getRootId() com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.Sid
setContext(com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.PluginContext ) void
setRootId(com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.Sid ) void

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