Class VcVmfsDatastoreExtendSpec

Extends VcVmfsDatastoreSpec
Specification to increase the capacity of a VMFS datastore by adding one or more new extents to the datastore. All the extents to be added must be on the same disk. Extension is different from creation in that the VMFS creation specification need not be specified.


Name Type Description
diskUuid String The UUID of the SCSI disk on which the VMFS datastore is located.<br>See <a target="_blank" href="">VcScsiLun</a><br>
extent VcHostScsiDiskPartition[] Extents to append to VMFS.
partition VcHostDiskPartitionSpec Partitioning specification.


Name Returns
VcVmfsDatastoreExtendSpec() constructor

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Method Returns
VcHostDatastoreSystem.extendVmfsDatastore(VcDatastore datastore, VcVmfsDatastoreExtendSpec spec) VcDatastore