Class VcStoragePlacementResult

Extends VcDynamicData
Both VcStorageResourceManager and VcDatastore methods may invoke Storage DRS for recommendations on placing or evacuating virtual disks. StoragePlacementResult is the class of the result returned by the methods.


Name Type Description
drsFault VcClusterDrsFaults Information about any fault in case Storage DRS failed to make a recommendation.
recommendations VcClusterRecommendation[] The list of recommendations that the client needs to approve manually.
task VcTask The ID of the task, which monitors the storage placement or datastore entering maintennace mode operation.


Name Returns
VcStoragePlacementResult() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
VcDatastore.datastoreEnterMaintenanceMode() VcStoragePlacementResult
VcStorageResourceManager.recommendDatastores(VcStoragePlacementSpec storageSpec) VcStoragePlacementResult

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