Class VcHostDiskPartitionSpec

Extends VcDynamicData
This data object type describes the disk partition table specification used to configure the partitions on a disk. This data object represents the fundamental data needed to specify a partition table.


Name Type Description
chs VcHostDiskDimensionsChs Disk dimensions expressed as cylinder, head, sector (CHS) coordinates.
partition VcHostDiskPartitionAttributes[] List of partitions on the disk.
partitionFormat String Partition format type on the disk.
totalSectors Number Disk dimensions expressed in total number of 512-byte sectors.


Name Returns
VcHostDiskPartitionSpec() constructor

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Method Returns
VcHostStorageSystem.extendVffs(String vffsPath, String devicePath, VcHostDiskPartitionSpec spec) void
VcHostStorageSystem.updateDiskPartitions(String devicePath, VcHostDiskPartitionSpec spec) void