vRO intrinsic class Task



Name Type Description
error String Returns a description of the error.
executionDate Date Returns the execution date.
executions WorkflowToken[] Return the execution.
id String Returns the unique identifier (ID) for this object.
isRecurrent boolean Returns true if the task is a recurrent one.
name String Returns the task name.
operation String Returns the operation.
parameters Properties Returns the execution parameters.
percentCompleted Number Returns the percent completed.
restartInPast boolean Returns restart in past flag.
state String Returns the Task's state.
workflow Workflow Return the associated workflow


Name Returns
addParameter(String key, Object value) void
cancel() void
resume() void
suspend() void

Returned by

Method Returns
Workflow.schedule(Object properties, Object startDate, Object uname, String pwd) Task
Workflow.scheduleRecurrently(Object properties, Object recurrencePattern, Object recurrenceCycle, Object startDate, Object endDate, Object uname, String pwd) Task

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