vRO intrinsic class ResourceElement



Name Type Description
contentSize Number Returns the content size of the resource element.
description String Returns the description of the resource element.
mimeType String Returns the mime type of the resource element.
name String Returns the name of the resource element.
version String Returns the version of the resource element.
versionHistoryItems VersionHistoryItem[] Returns the versionHistoryItem list of the resource element.


Name Returns
getContentAsMimeAttachment() MimeAttachment
getResourceElementCategory() ResourceElementCategory
reload() void
setContentFromFile(String fileName, Object mimeType) void
setContentFromMimeAttachment(Object mimeAttachment) void
writeContentToFile(String fileName) void

Returned by

Method Returns
Server.createResourceElement(Object category, String name, Object fileNameOrMime, String mimeType) ResourceElement

Referenced in

Method Returns
Server.removeResourceElement(ResourceElement resourceElement) void